Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Gun Recommendation

Last minute Christmas gift suggestion! Since the modern political left is not going to respect the feelings of the Newtown victims and has decided to politicize the moment with screams for gun control, let me give a gun recommendation if you want to buy one before the cathedral tries to restrict American gun rights. This recommendation is for home defense and with future food riots in mind. The SOBL stamp of approval goes to the 12 gauge Remington 870 pump action shotgun. At gun shows, look for police issued shotguns that usually have a longer tube magazine to hold more shells. I'd much rather have 8 shotgun shells to fire before reloading than 6 rounds of a revovler or a dozen 9 mm rounds. An adjustable stock does allow you to fire the shotgun from either the hip or the shoulder.
1. Aim isn't supremely important
You can buy 00 buck shot and be certain to hit a human sized target. The spray is wide enough to allow for you to hit a target without having to go to the firing range for steady practice (where you'd practice w/slugs anyway due to normal range regulations).
2. Just pumping the shotgun can scare criminals away
If a criminal breaks in and hears you moving upstairs, they are on alert that the house is aware but they have weapons for fighting. If they hear the >chik-chik< of a shotgun, they KNOW what type of weapon you have at your disposal. It isn't a pea shooter. They are far more likely to turn tail and leave than face a shotgun.
3. It does damage
How often do you hear about someone surviving a shotgun blast? Even if your aim is a bit off and the criminal just gets some of the buck shot, their mobility and physical ability will be reduced. A natural isntinct once wounded si to address the wound or seek medical help, not press on to kill. This is superior to missing with a bullet and now you have to deal with a scared but healthy criminal.
4. Noise
If two guys have entered your home, the second guy might not be hit by your first shot, but he'll be scared shitless by the boomstick.
1. Limited number of shots
As stated above, you can get an extended magazine but that's 8 shots. The advantage of buck shot spray does help, but you don't get a dozen or so shots to hit your target. I'd raher have the shotgun, but this does limit your shots before having to reload.
2. Unweildy in tight spaces
This is a con but has an upside. In homes, you might have limited space to aim or position yourself. I would look at this as a partial positive because aiming a shotgun down a straight stairway means any fool climbing your stairs is going to get all of the buck shot as you aim down the same path.
3. Recoil
You want a firm grip and stance to fire this, which is a bit more than just popping a 9 mm in the direction of trouble. If you wake up in the middle of the night groggy, you might not have the best grip and coordinated stance for firing a 12 gauge.
4. Noise
In the middle of the night without hearing protection, you'd probably be temporarily deaf after firing a few shots inside your home. Temporarily deaf is better than permanently dead, but the noise factor is one to consider.
Positives or negatives, I'd invest in a gun of some sort in the near future. Depending on how things go, it might be tiem to make an investment in a more powerful option. The Remington 870 really is a great shotgun that can meet all of your defensive needs.
*Side note: how low are the people we all are friends with who made Facebook or Twitter statements automatically calling for gun control + blaming video games before the bodies were in the ground? The media and Democrat lawmakers are power mad leftist capos, so I would expect it from them. Doesn't this reveal just how deep the infection goes for political obsessions? When Joan Soccer Mom starts screaming about gun control within 48 hours like they are Nancy Pelosi, the disease has reached epidemic proportions.


PRCD said...

You have to aim pretty well when the distance to your target is only 10-20', even with a shotgun. The advangtage of the shotgun is speed of sight picture and power as long as you don't buy those stupid tacticool ghost ring sights that 'operators' like to use. 9 pellets of 00 buckshot is quite a lot of metal - probably more lead than the squeeze of a machine gun can deliver in the same period of time.

Noise an advantage when you fire it because criminals don't like attention.

The magazine is plenty large enough. Buy a side saddle if you're that worried. Most engagements don't require many shells.

Recoil is no problem if you use the 'push-pull' method to manage it.

It is more unwieldy than a pistol, but you're unwise to clear a house by yourself. You're much better off ambushing the criminal.

That said, your money is far better spent re-inforcing your door jamb and hinges with one of those $100 kits and installing window-break alarms that make a lot of noise. You can also put 3M window films up on your downstairs windows and not have to worry about anyone getting in at night.

It's much better to prevent entry than have to shoot someone.

PRCD said...

BTW, you're right about FB. Most of the libs on my page like having guns to defend themselves, but one herb was sperging on about how CAN'T SOMETHING BE DONE ABOUT PEOPLE OWNING THESE BLACK RIFLES!!!!???? I tried to point out that the main use cases for one of these rifles were a) too little law enforcement (see:New Orleans, Watts Riots) or b) too much government (see: all the genocides of the 20th century that were immediately preceded by gun control. Why would those genocidal governments have grabbed guns if they didn't think it would be helpful in carrying out their plan?

This guy is as you'd expect: a striver who graduated some TTT with a worthless degree in "information systems mgmt." He obviously isn't technical nor very good at thinking and is working at Costco 2 years after being laid off from a relatively good job. His wife is sweet and was also laid off at the time. Now he wants to go to seminary, but he is apparently unaware that you have to be good at running your own life to pastor a church.

He kept posting troll posts and I unfriended him.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Great comment with gun specific points. I bought a handgun before a shotgun, and only picked up the shotgun because my father in law said "this is a steal of an offer" at a gun show. He's pretty brilliant with guns as the man hunts with a musket and gets deer. I'm fine with my weaponry. Might pick up a Saiga AK knock off in January before they try to ban "assault weapons" again.

I expect politicians to grab for guns. It's sickening how the common libs are screaming about guns and video games when this Lanza kid was obviously insane.

PRCD said...

The recent hysteria has convinced me to join the NRA.

The US of A has Anal Prolapse said...

Good suggestion. A more boring looking hunting-style 12 gauge (wood stock, not a scary black gun) might look better for the jury though.