Friday, November 23, 2012

The Matrist Society Expressed Through the Masculine Ideal

The Jezebel types would not want to admit it. The old women libbers who are retiring now and out of the game don't even know it. Some women get it. They live it. They know we live in a matrist culture. They know we live with a legal system that protects women very well and covers for many of their mistakes or failings through the legal code. As far as the proper handling of rape laws and plea bargaining, women must sit and keep quiet as other members of the Democrat voting coalition get hurt when their sons go to jail for long periods of time for violent rape. Not everything is perfect, but the ascendancy of women has been going on for a while. The odd thing about the matrist society we live in is that females achieve success or are encouraged to exemplify a hypermasculine ideal.

Traditional female roles of nurturing mother, feminine lover, chaste and virginal ideal for protecting, beautiful + young muse, delicate artist, emotional glue of a family are not placed at the highest value in our society. This is odd considering the raised importance of women or the primacy placed on a female point of view or approach. One would expect that in a matrist society or culture that the ideals linked to women would be the ideals pushed by said society. Within our pop culture, we'd expect fantastic examples of the roles described above. Women's magazines would be full of the archetypes of the feminine ideal. Western society does not have these ideals broadcast to the masses. Instead of such classical ideals, we get Snooki, Samantha from Sex + the City, manjaw lawyers, shoulder padded business exec wannabes, androgynous bureaucrats and hypercompetitive athletes.

The examples or guidestones for young women to model their lives after or strive to be are usually women who are just protraying a male ideal. Athletics has become a huge avenue for girl power, despite this being a total waste of time and turn off to plenty of men. Hypersexualized behavior is pushed in every way as a good thing; permissiveness allows for any type of deviancy to be approved or even just shown in mass media. The organs of the state and business world are now inhabited by aggressive, strong men and women who just act like aggressive strong men. It is even common now for women to be afraid of commitment, which is an inversion of the age old 'when will he ever marry' joke.

To use two examples that I like to refer to with the weird reaction of the feminists out there, consider Sarah Palin and the tv reality show "Bad Girls Club". Sarah Palin became governor despite no family connections to politics unlike just about every other female politician in America while having a husband and multiple children. She was competent as governor, made oil companies change their ways a bit, and had a stable marriage and kids. She's not the brightest person in the US, but she's not nearly as dumb as painted by the liberals. She actually had it all: family career, good looks into her 40s. Why was she not elevated and raised as a fantastic example for girls to aspire to? First, she was a republican, so to some liberals, she doesn't count. Second, she was a loving wife happy to be a feminine woman and had multiple children that she worked her career around instead of sacrificing them to. She actually defied the pushed narrative of career first, then maybe a kid if you can fit it in. Kids were always a part of her life plan. Fatal error in the eyes of the tastemakers of society. In our matrist society, she exemplified feminine ideals and the value of women as seen by men and traditionalists.

"Bad Girls Club" is a silly show, but I often wonder why feminists don't protest it. They don't protest it because the show displays 21-27 year old women acting like men. This is the example to follow young girls: be a man. They are hyperaggressive, fight often, drink too much, have tons of sex, and rarely portray any ideal that a traditional man would value in a woman. The show is Human Zoo TV, but it is also an advertisement for young women on the boundaries of acceptable behavior. They act at the polar opposite of what was considered the norm for good women, so one could follow them or maybe one girl could do some of the things they do but not all, so they aren't a bad girl, they just like to have fun. The women of BGC exemplify the hypermasculine ideal of what a young man is

The existence of a matrist society along a masculine ideal is either a failure of the feminist movement because it acquires power but destroys the very thing that makes women real women or a trick in that it just allows enough women into the lobby of power as long as they act like men.

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PRCD said...

THe most laughable aspect has been women masculinizing themselves PERMANENTLY by using testosterone steroids to acheive lower body fat. Notice dem traps on Michelle Obama and the hard jawline? Anavar for sure. She's bigger than any female weightlifter I've seen. Same for Madonna: receding hairline, manjaw, low body fat. Anavar or some other testorone steroid. Kelly Ripa...the list goes on. I don't get it, but our gender roles are massively confused.