Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Israeli-American Jew Red-Blue Styled Divide

In Freud's book "Moses and Monotheism", there is a passage where he recognizes that he, the atheist, is attacking an important, central story a faith, and not just any faith, but the faith of his family. One thing that put that criticism into even greater perspective for its timeliness was that he was writing that book in 1938. Only a few short years later would the world learn of the Holocaust. Roughly ten years after his book, Israel would be founded. Jews had lived in that area for centuries, and the mass migration back to the Middle East had been going on since the 1800s, but the big migration was after WW2. Many Jews after WW2 moved to the US, which adds an even more interesting spin on the split. If the red/blue divide in the US can trace itself back to the late 1960s, then the Jewish red/blue divide can trace itself back to the creation of Israel.

A week or so ago, I tweeted about the Israelis being red state Jews while American Jews from the Northeast are blue state Jews. It was a thought that popped into my head considering how the movie "The Sword of Gideon" depicts Israelis hunting down the terrorists behind the '72 Munich Olympic massacre. Considering the actions of the Israelis since 1948, I can believe that. Would you ever imagine American Jews doing that? Nope. When Tarantino made "Inglorious Bastards", I had to suspend my disbelief that there'd be 12 Jews in the US who would volunteer for combat duty on suicide missions and be built like Eli "The Bear Jew" Roth. Maybe the difference was not as pronounced in 1944, but in 2012, I can't think of any of my Jewish friends who would volunteer for a fight, even if for Israel.

Part of this belief is exposure to American Jews vs. foreign Jews or Israelis. I went to a college that was 25% Jewish. I knew American Jews, foreign Jews and Israelis as three distinct groups (like the Indians ABCD vs. FOB battle). The foreigners constantly mocked how the American Jews were only religious for the Bar Mitzvah money and complained about anti-semitism but did not understand how anti-semitic the outside world was. I met a lot of Jewish girls with great bodies, but the prettiest of the three groups were the Israelis (Jon Stewart had a great stand up bit you can't find anymore on this concept). The best athletes were the Israeli kids. Israeli guys were built a little more rectangular or athletic while American Jewish guys seemed to have slightly wider hips than their build should have. The least "stereotypical TV Jews" were the Israelis. Look at the photos online of a young Netanyahu in military fatigues. Google image search for Nate Silver, Ezra Klein, and Matt Yglesias. You done laughing? Night and Day. I used to think it was due to them being Israelis and not Woody Allen American Jews, but now I think it is just a split between the Jews like the red state-blue state divide among white Americans.

Let's use an analogy. Whites get squeezed out of the continental 48, their cities + churches burned, the 3rd worlders swarm over it making it a hellhole, whites get spread throughout the US, then spread around the world, the US goes down in flames, white Americans wander for 2000 years being persecuted everywhere they go, causing some trouble, forever sticking to their tightknit crew, keeping separate, but some whites stick to parts of the old US and deal with the 3rd worlders. In 4050 after a near wipe out of whites in their most recent safe zone, the whites are granted a state back in the old US. Who goes back and tries to rebuild? My guess would be the whites who chiefly identified with everything soup to nuts that went with being white and had longed for the homeland. They valued their nation, their people and their faith more than others. Sound like probable actions of red state whites? The ones who would stay elsewhere or make a go of it in another booming nation would probably take trips and talk nicely of the newly created white US. They'd go on living in their host nation, taking on many behavioral traits of their host culture, while performing the customs of their people half heartedly, marrying others, and using their kinship to hook other members of the group up financially. Some might even join the reformed white US military for a butch up session, go back home, and tell others about it like they really identify with the recreated white US nation. Sound like something blue state whites would do? It's not perfect, but you can imagine it, right? I can.

That is why I see the difference in behavior, attitude, even their view of US presidential politics in a red-blue cultural manner. The Jewish people have had over fifty years to see this divide grow over time. The type of person who will travel to a long talked about homeland to build a civilization out of nothing in the desert is far different from the type of person who will stay in the powerful US or immigrate to the US and work their way up through the economic, political and academic institutions. One group answers to a challenge with community minded motives that go beyond a generation. The other group might be motivated along more selfish lines. Think of the skill set to build a nation out of the desert vs. the skill set to make it in a ready made system. Two distinct tribes. Like NASCAR whites vs. SWPLs, there is a tie that binds, but as time passes, that tether grows thinner.


PRCD said...

Why do you have Jewish friends? I've found that they are rabidly ethnocentric and horribly sanctimonious and argumentative. They don't seem to really like each other that much. I've furthermore found their intellects and morals to be lacking also. Perhaps there's something to Ron Unz' assertion that their achievement has collapsed. It certainly agrees with my observations.

Re: Israeli Jews, you're right. I had the misfortune of taking a birth class with a bunch of IDF soldiers in Los Angeles. We all pretended we had something in common with each other even though they were from a country thousands of miles away and were in my country for some unexplained reason. Mabye they were fundraising. They are a lot more masculine than the ones you meet here. Their women seem to be better-looking too. I bet their country will be ruined in a generation or two given the birthrates of ultra-orthodox who don't know how to work.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I went to an Ivy, so I was surrounded by Jews. I do think all ethnicities, religions, races sexuality orientations are ethnocentric to a certain degree, but my annoyance with them is the accusation of anti-semitism at any slight and absolute ignorance of their high status in the USA. I exchanged emails with Steve Sailer on this as I sent him some wedding announcements for old college friends of mine who would deny that Jews had high status in the US, yet their weddign announcements are in the NY Times.

Your observations are spot on, but I'd argue they are smart and not just book smart, but 'crafty' smart. I do think the Unz article was pretty awesome even if it was jumbled a bit as it put something out there that no one else will write about in public. I'd argue the Jewish overrepresentation at the Ivy schools is partly the issue of legacy admissions compared to the caltech type admission standards.

The few Israeli guys I knew looked like normal build to athletic men compared to the wide hips-narrow shouldered America Jews I had for friends. The Russian Jews were like this, too. My guess is it comes down to genes and the types of people who would go to israel to build something and ID as Jewish primarily vs. assimilating and using the system. The American Jews also are pretty closely related. What other group in the US gets tested for rare genetic disorders when they get married? American Jews do for Tay Sachs (sp?). I never heard of that disease until i got to college, and I have not heard of it since.

PRCD said...

Well, my hat goes off to you if you're an Ivy league goy. You definitely got in on your own merits. The only guy from my high school who went to Harvard scored a perfect on his SATs.

I went to a public college with a lot of Jews, so I bet that narrows it down for you. They did not impress me with their intellects and seem to achieve most things through nepotism and intellectual bullying/terrorism. It really makes you want to side with the Palestinians.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Thanks, and yes they do bully non-stop. I had an hour long convo once on Judaism being a shame culture vs. Christianity's guilt culture. The Jewish guy didnt get it and spent time just calling me an anti-semite, despite having Jewish friends and a Jewish girlfriend at the time. I can only imagine the chip on the shoulder that the Jewish kids you knew in college had.

I also agree with your nepotism part. The family hook ups are insane. That's half of Wall St. Put it this way, the number of Jewish actresses in Hollywood is either a function of Jewish girls being better at acting, them getting the extended family hook up or a combo of both. I'm starting to think the high number of Jewish or half-Jewish actresses in Hollywood is 75% know someone jewish in the biz and 25% ability.

Your comment does hit on something I tweeted about recently. I think a lot of open and vocal anti-Israel sentiment in th West is just an outlet for venting negative emotions associated with dealing with American Jews, but no one is ever allowed to criticize or even just comment on anything they do in a negative fashion.