Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Review: The World Was Going Our Way - Christopher Andrew

The Mitrokhin archive was used as the basis for a two volume review of the KGB's long sordid history. The first volume covered the KGB's activities in general but focused on within Russia. The second volume covered the KGB procedures and influence on the global stage. The battle for the 3rd world was the location not just of proxy wars during the Cold War for rival ruling factions but the setting for the ideological war between free market USA and the communist USSR. The KGB had an active hand in this war of minds, military exports and money. The Mitrokhin archive provides plenty of details, but compared to volume one, this book is a bit weaker. Part of the problem might be the subject matter as Stalin's cruelty to Russia and the surveillance state of the USSR is such an interesting read. Random 3rd world politicians and leaders who can't keep their act together and accepted money or arms from the KGB just feels like Chicago politics on a global scale. I'd only recommend this book ifyou are a foreign policy nerd.

There is something very interesting about Castro, which reveals much about lefties. Castro wasn't an actual socialist when he was trying to overthrow Cuba's old guard. Castro was influenced heavily by his brother Raul and Che. The KGB made contact with those two and used them to turn Castro towards the USSR. Castro implemented the state police and surveillance techniques of the USSR. He did turn it into a commie land of nightmares. He used it as his vehicle for dictatorship. The lefties who glorify him are glorifying a thug who used (uses still but less on the international stage) communism just for personal power. The blinders hide the murders and torture by Castro and Che, which is no different than other groups or people admired by lefties. AWhat is different is that they have never dared to admit he's a selfish dick. It is a bit of an interesting what if to ponder about Castro had he never turned Cuba into a tropical marxist island. We can never have that discussion in the public though because to o so would admit that it was wrong of him, and that the socialist dream is wrong. After all, where is Michael Moore going to bring people for photo op phonyhealth care to contrast to the US system?

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