Monday, September 24, 2012

Why "The Stepford Wives" Can't be Made as a Drama Today

Just looking up quotes from the movie "The Stepford Wives" reminded me how ridiculous the movie was. The film was a book adaptation that was right in the strike zone for liberal Hollywood to satirize the suburbs (always bad) and the evil patriarchy. The book was written in '72 and the movie was made in '75. This was when the women's lib movement had some diversity of thought, and women's lib might really be about making things equal and better rape protection laws. They remade it in 2004, and it was a bit of a comedy. You couldn’t make that as a drama now.

Now 40 years later, we know better. Feminism isn't about equality. Maybe for the normal woman in a home, but not the feminisim brand. Feminism is the female tentacle of the socialist octopus destined to mess with women. Its intent is subverting that which is natural (women love men and babies) in order to replace the familial relationships with a lifelong relationship of women to the state. You couldn't make "The Stepford Wives" today and have it be serious. The prior 40 years have reduced feminism to what it is, a power grab by the educated women of the socialist movement, bought off by the Democrats with positions and jobs at companies, government or nongovernment orgs and think tanks. Imagine just how different society would be if the feminists had asked society to hold men to the same standard women were held to rather than the race to the bottom we have experienced in the sexual marketplace. We know better.

There is another element. In the original movie, almost all, if not all, of the men in Stepford married women who were former feminist activists. In the film, they all are relatively young with children and established marriages. Today those women do not marry. They do not have multiple kids. You couldn't cast a 30 year old Katherine Ross type married with two kids. She might be newly married, but more realistically she'd be the skeptical, single gal who just stopped into Stepford for some photography project. We viewers have seen what time does to those women. A few may marry some horn rimmed glass losers, a few are lesbians, and a few have a child through modern medical advances. We know what happens to that cloud of feminist activists. They become chubby Samantha from Sex and the City wannabes or lonely cat ladies.

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