Monday, August 27, 2012

Great Vocalists of Rock: Paul Carrack

As a music lover, I can appreciate a great drum solo, a guitar solo that rolls on and the use of paino or horns to accentuate a song. To reach deep within my music lover soul, I do need a good vocals. Recently, the radio played "In the Living Years" by Mike + the Mechanics. My wife mentioned how good the vocalist was, and I explained how the singer was the lead on 3 big hits she'd know fromt he '80s: "Tempted" by Squeeze and then "Silent Running" and "In the Living Years" by Mike + the Mechanics. She was astonished that the singer did not have a greatest hits album or an awesome solo career. I went to look him up the next day at work, and to my surprise he was also the vocalist on the '70s hit "How Long". His career as a vocalist with 3 bands is better than 99% of all musicians.

I'm posting the great video to "Silent Running", which is a bit of a creepy song. The references are filled with spooky stuff: an unworthy government, fighting nearby, fals lags, and needing to run and fight in shadow battles. That pleading call that starts the song "Can you hear me? Can you hear me running? Can you hear me running can you hear me calling you?" It's incredibly sad. I do envision it as a man gone off to fight God knows what civil war style conflict, leaving behind a note to his wife with instructions and best wishes. The haunting chorus feels like the thoughts in the wife's head of her husband out there. The video kicks the theme up 10 notches by involving the creepy guy from "The Untouchables", a Dad on the run, and a mysterious block that emits strange light. Of course it ends with the son learning the secret and running into the light to join his dad. This was one of those great videos that told a story from the '80s.

When I get thrown in a Gulag or go on the run to escape the Gulag, this will be my theme song.

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