Saturday, May 05, 2012

Men: Grow up, Wear a Suit to Night Weddings

If you are going to a night wedding, wear a suit. Stop being a slacker. Stop being a slob. Stop being a douche. Your date is probably buying a new dress, so wear a suit. If you do not have a date, suit up. Suiting up at a wedding automatically raises your chances of bringing a girl home by 25%. The groom will wear a tuxedo. You wearing a suit will mimic his look. She will be flustered by the romance of the evening, and jumble her desire to be married with seeing a handsome guy in a suit. By wearing a suit, you project an image of having your act together, because who knows what potential business contact you will make at the wedding.

Last night, I went to an evening wedding. Beautiful outdoor setting for the ceremony and a great indoor space for the reception. The decorations were black and white. It started at 6:30pm. Half the men were not wearing suits or jackets. I saw some hipster type with his grey loafers, grey belt and hipster hair. Screw off hipster. Wear a suit or at least a hipster jacket. If your date is in a nice dress, suit up. She will be fired up by the suit. Single women will be tricked by the suit into thinking you have a more masculine frame than you actually have.

Men used to wear suits often when not working. Suits were a strong weapon in our arsenal. The slide to informal wear has progressed so rapidly, that we don't even suit up for weddings anymore. Let's make a stand. Let's fight against the decline. Have some class. Have some pride. Grow up. Make your forefathers proud. They didn't live, fight and die for you to dress like a skeeze at formal events.

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