Friday, May 25, 2012

Facebook's IPO - Epic Fail

Facebook had their IPO. Epic failure on their part as well as the Wall St. underwriters. I did not expect it to do well. No one has ever told me about clicking a Facebook ad. Their numbers of 900 mil users seem phony. There's really almost 1 billion users? Come on. How many of those accounts are inactive, zombie accounts. How many get checked daily? How many are created just so you can comment on another newspaper article but not with your real name as newspaper sites move away from anonymous commenting? I find it hard to believe Facebook is worth more than Disney (where the IPO was priced) when Disney has tons of intellectual property, theme parks that rake in dough, movies, music and TV. Facebook has you.

Facebook's product is you the user. They provide you with hours of entertainment and distraction to get more out of you. They sell your information. They sell your likes. They sell trend projections. They sell your eyeballs for ad space. It's just shifting your information to marketers, corporations and yes, the governments of the world. Ever get investigated for anything, and the Facebook staff will send over every message, every like, every wall post and every photo you were ever tagged in. Forget about the right to not incriminate yourself. They switch up their privacy policy. They claim ownership of anything you upload. They censor certain political groups created. It's rather sick how much they grasp at, which is why I am enjoying seeing the stock fail. It's called the worst IPO of the last 10 years. I'm happy. Zuck is worth billions, and always will be because of Facebook. What he will not be seen as is a visionary. He is no Gates, no Jobs, and hell, he isn't even the Google team. He's just a nerdy guy, who wanted to be liked and wants things to be peaceful, happy, no conflict, calm, etc. Basically, he wants all of you to be docile cows.

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