Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love + that Greek Classic Everyone Blogs

Last week, my last grandmother died. When I was nearly 10, I still had 3 great grandmothers and two grandmothers. No divorces. Straight bloodlines. Her passing inspried me to write eulogy and speak at her funeral. It is too personal to put here, but when I went home, I saw and spoke with my grandfather. After seeing him for 1 day, I suddenly understood the Symposium 4 legged human story. (Read here for actual story, not bastardized versions.) This story is quoted NON-STOP on Tumblr as every single college kid thinks this is a cool explanation for true love. I agree. I never knew the true meaning until this week. I decided to end my eulogy with that story. My family understood it why.

My grandparents were together for 65 years. No one has ever doubted their love for each other, my gramma's respect for my grandfather and how much my grampa adored my gramma. Fifteen years ago, my grandfather almost died due to a heart issue. In the car, my gramma said repeatedly, "he can't die, he can't die". This last month, my grandfather would leave the hospital with my mom and repeatedly mumble to himself, "she can't die, she can't die". At 88, he still needed her. I've never seen him cry, but he cried for her during the week. He'd sit, look out a window and stifle a cry so my little niece wouldn't hear. He is a talkative elderly man, but this week he was reserved.

I drove him to and fro, and on Easter, he wanted to leave the family dinner early. I drove him to his home and told him how he and my gramma had what everyone dreams of. They have a love we all seek, yet few truly ever have. He told me how in the last year she might only be awake 4 hours a day, but those 4 hours were with him. Now he misses his bride. As we left the fuenral home, he stood at the corner of her open casket, made the saddest sounds and shed the truest tears. I saw him kiss her forehead, walk away, go back, touch her shoulder and then finally turn away.

They are a shining beacon of what lifetime commitment and love means. When you read Plato's story that we would seek our soulmate, and only in their embrace would we reach our fullest potential and our true form, think of that type of love.

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