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TV Show Idea: Sinful Secrets

Television is pretty crappy as one of the many arms of our mainstream media. It still offers massive reach and exposure that few if any mediums can match. It is also a reflection of our needs, tastes, wants, fears and anxieties. There is a massive, gaping hole that is present on TV: dark, mystery us vs. them. Americans have lost a lot of faith in large institutions, especially government, and few if any shows feed this fear or reflect this feeling. There is also the evidence of corporate capture of our government, which filters down to food policy, foreign policy, bankers run amok, and social welfare programs deviating far from original intentions. There is anxiety over China, kind of misplaced, but anger over the multinational corps that ship jobs there no matter what. It might possibly be a 'deep state' situation or just American oligarchs. CSI gets the killers. Law & Order punishes bad guys and those dirty rich people committing all of the crime (grr). Glee shows us a competent public school that middle class people gladly send their kids to that doesn't cause them to reach on the mortgage (haha). TV does go after big bad business, but that's it. X-files tapped into this in the '90s. Aside from random low ratings cable 'reality investigative' shows, no one has picked up the mantle. There are built in conspiracy theories to feed off of, which means built in audience (Hollywood mindlessly drools + nods).

I propose a fictional tv series of conspiracy theory investigation. Let's call it "Sinful Secrets", but I do like "Deep State" for reasons discussed later. Setting can be current day, and I'd want this to be an HBO-Showtime show. I see 12 episode seasons. I also see one big theory that weaves in and out like the X-Files mythology story was used. let's shoot for 50 episodes with the big theory being 10 of those episodes. Let's set this up with a main male-female partnership with good supporting researchers. Duo could be well to do older Millenial (late 20s) who inherited fortune with a recently fired journalist female partner. She had promise with her work, was an idealist, but was fired as newspapers are dying + her work got too close. Their team of research connections are grad students, PhDs, random medical researchers or science folks entering the system now. My inspiration for that is the Jane Lynch character in "The Fugitive" who helped Harrison Ford. If we mix it up, the show can have a simple rotation that corresponds to the types of conspiracies the duo would investigate, plus kill off one occasionally. Do they travel cross country? Yes. Will they travel internationally? Maybe. Will I get the duo together? No. Will we attack left + right theories? Yes. Because of those last two parts, this show probably has no shot in hell of being made.

The basic thrust would be that these are the secrets of the "Greatest Generation" and how they are dying out with those secrets. This would be how the "Greatest Generation" American ran things, and how the hand off to the next group of leaders has been tricky and odd. Baby Boomer leaders manipulated, the spread of wealth odd and troublesome, creating new power players. This is where the Deep State comes in. Are these the mysterious 'they' that run things per every conspiracy theory website (left or right)? Sure. Most episodes would find the Millenial duo catching up with an elderly man or woman or their estate to unlock the truth. Maybe some episodes end with them reading a personal diary in the family library (these guys big players so leave behind estates). Do they change anything? Most if not all times, no they will not. Will it 'explain' the conspiracy? Yes, that is my goal.

Here are some sample episode concepts I have thought up:

1. The Clinton Episode - How did Clinton rise so progressive & liberal in Arkansas turn into the NAFTA pushing, welfare reforming, tax cutting Republicrat as POTUS? He campaigned as a normal lib Dem. This show would argue his weak point was he raped a woman, and some podunk sheriff in Arkansas knew, 'they' found out, and during the '92 campaign when he surged past Perot who temporarily stepped out, 'they' used that chip against him. If he strayed from their wants, they flared up sexual harassment issues which Clinton feared would lead to discovery of the rape through depositions. To weave a piece of this into the 'big theory', this would partly tie to weird Chinese stuff that happened in Clinton's 2 terms. Sheriff's son is the key.

2. W's Episode - Not 9-11. Just his election and administration that pushed through Medicare D (huge entitlement program), furthered the shitty multicutural lending crap (liberal), massive deficit spending, Iraq War push (he campaigned against foreign adventures), and terrible record with illegal immigration (liberal). 'They' would know through his father in the 80s that W was a drunk. They set him up with a faked drunk driving killing on a winding road in Kennebunkport. It became their chip against him. George H.W. Bush sacrifices his son to 'they' as he is part of post-WW2 group who ran things. Tie to 'big theory' is Iraq War (oil) and weird symbiotic dealings with China again.

3. Obesity Episode - Do we make this one episode? This feels like a 2 parter in the middle of one season as part of 'big theory'. Conspiracy is reaction to crime spike of 60's-70s. 'They' had research showing fatties commit less crime, less rebellious, slothful, less decisive. 'They' also did not like small farmers and wished to consolidate business. Land bust created megafarm opportunity for big business (easier to control few firms) + genetically modified crops (Monsanto's first plant work was in '82). Decided to fatten folks up. Farm bust of '80s gave them opportunity. Buy farms use huge farm distribution network + Monsanto GMO crops to spread seeds that biochemically make folks fatter. Fund studies that say fat is bad and push people to cut fat yet eat same calorie amount mostly carbs from megafarm crops. Once started, worked far better than planned, plus other food producers worked for same goal. Big Pharma + Medicine worked on studies to push anti-fat diets + reaped benefits from fatties needing more sickcare.

4. Obama Episode - Perfect liberal dream who sells out to banks. Guy who was a state senator in 2004 somehow elected to POTUS in 2008. Seriously, WTF? Here's the twist: he's gay and they have video proof. Molested as kid when he was sent back to Hawaii to live w/grandparents. Wrestled with gayness all adult life which lead him to be manic-depressive. Therapy helped him admit he was gay (dead therapist's notes). Marriage was sham for politics. They had him and only revealed it after his inauguration (time w/his approach to banks changing). So much more stuff is coming out about Obama (and his marriage) now, I fear this might be too close to the mark.

5. Feminist Silence of terrible state of women, hypersexualization of young girls, and pop culture representations - Powers that be bought them off in '80s. They betrayed all women just for a payday with law jobs, nonprofit work and diversity consultant jobs. How else can anyone explain the sad state of modern Western women and how reality TV shows the depths they have reached, yet NOW stays silent?

6. Illegal Immigration - What if it is a major conspiracy by the elites int he post war era of 40s-early 60s who vacationed in Mexico and had dealing with Mexican oil exploration and development. They say how stratified societyw as and how easy it was for the Mexican elites to control the peasants. They decided to 'import a new people' for lower socioeconomic jobs to replace lower class whites who wanted economic advancement and the black community who were too unpredictable and tough to handle.

7. Marilyn Monroe - She has to have her own episode. It would also lead them a bit to the JFk conspiracy.

8. JFK assassination - This is the turning point for American society. It would be the big mystery of course, and the lead to who is behind it all.

9. Obesity Episode with Candy foundation - This episode would be a bit comical, and I would put it earlier in series before the 2 parter on crops and stuff that fits in with big theory. This episode would start with one of their research folks making them aware of some sappy Boomer memoir about their relationship with their dad the mad scientist. It would be based on his dad who started at Hershey's and bounced around different food producers working on cool products. From research of the guy's career, they find that this guy worked hard, wore out his welcome but was always well paid for his great work. Meeting the son, who would be some Boomer who could never measure up so they wrote the lame f*cking memoir, the duo would get access to the dad's library. They find a hidden book within a book that the whiner son never figured out. In it, we get flashback of how father figured out a chemical that made people swallow within seconds of chewing. He repeated similar feats at different companies. Eat their product faster. Felt ashamed of what he had done and put life into his kids, leaving industry behind rich but guilty.

10. Big Pharma + Big Medicine extended life span to suck greatest generation bank accounts dry rather than hand the wealth down to children - Work it how life spans are longer now but quality of life after 75 still sucks. Medicine keeps people alive but in crazy pain. Most of that end of life care is scam to transfer wealth from greatest generation (richest segment of America for decades) rather than hand that wealth through inheritence to boomers, gen X and millenials.

11. Hollywood Celeb Gossip News Cycle - Create false gods and use them for selling ideas and sending messages. Once theya re out of limelight, kill them off when needed for distraction.

12. Mainstream Media - How it changed from independent + left leaning towards a totally corporate arm of 'them' that spat crony capitalist econ ideas w/super left social messages - Focus on when GE bought NBC in the '80s, but also focus on how the media changed attitudes towards protest and questioning the status quo after the mid 70s when things got too hot for the powers that be.

13. Internet as social control - Orwell had the right idea of the tube being their way of spying into homes, but wrong medium. He couldn't dream up internet, but it was turned into a tracking system. Too many real examples to make this one episode, must be 2 parter.

As far as the big conspiracy, well I'd tie it all back to Wall St & money managers as the Greatest Generation started to die out in the early 80s. The Wall St syndicate was suppose to manage all of that wealth for that rentier class, and then they got greedy. The globalization push was their way of drawing Russia and China into the loop to prevent large scale wars that were completely destructive like WW1 and WW2. Then they started to manipulate the folks in power to capture government, because at the end of the day as major traders of all corporate stocks and bonds, they are the primary 'owners' of society. They'd be like the mad scientist technocrats of "Brave New World" crossed with Gordon Gekko.

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