Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Terminator Script Pitch Meeting

James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd sit down to pitch the movie "the Terminator" to studios for financing. James and Gale disagreed on their movie pitch presentation so they decided to make it a 2 parter......

James Cameron: "Ok, now get this: she's an LA working class girl who doesn't know it but will be the mother of the future hero of humankind. Her son sends back a supersoldier from the future who has to stop a machine that looks like a big dude and can't be stopped. There's special effects because the supersoldier will have flashbacks but they'll be on the future. We'll show human skulls in each flashback because that's cool and of course robots would want to roll over those skulls".

Studio Execs: sniffffff "Thanks Jimmy. Hey, Gale you mentioned you had a presentation as well about this supersoldier film. You got 5 mins".

Gale Anne Hurd: "Young hero falls in love with young, female beauty from a photograph. One photo. Taken before he was even born. He will never meet her as she was fresh from an old world that is forever lost. He loves her just as he admires the leader who salvages mankind. The young hero travels across time for the fair maiden, hand selected by the savior to protect her. Through a wilderness he does not know (80s LA), he must escort the maiden to safety from the invulnerable mythical beast type figure who acts without emotion. The young hero sacrifices his life for the maiden's survival only after he has revealed his love, been accepted by the untouched slim yet curvy maiden, and impregnated her with the seed that becomes the savior".

Studio Execs: sniffff "Great a knight's tale set in 80s LA with evil robots. I love it, let's do this!"

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