Sunday, February 05, 2012

Power of Music

If you've read this blog, you know I love music. Cheese music, serious music, classical music, pop music and rock 'n' roll all have a place in my heart. I associate songs with people, moments in time, eras, places, etc. I recently was wondering why a cousin of mine loved David Bowie so much, and I asked him. This is his response:

"Motherf*cker is amazing. He continually pushed and shaped music in the 70s. Especially in the latter years like Low, Heroes & Lodger. Especially Low though. That shit is awesome, and he was creating new sounds with Brian Eno. A lot of those drum sounds from like the 80s were invented by Bowie and Eno. Besides all his pushing boundaries and shit I just think he's a great artist and someone who's music has always been a way to help me in some way".

This statement comes from a man born more than a decade after the era of Bowie he is discussing. This is the beautiful power music can have.

My closest comparison is Seger. I love Seger's music, he speaks to me, and my favorite Seger songs were out before my birth.

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