Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Future Singularity and Post-Singularity for the Left Behind

The future singularity will be a combination of immersive VR with our social media hooked in. What will happen is the immersive VR will be programs and possibly freespace fun. This will be temporary, and then more and more time and spirit will be spent there. Folks already tweet, text and facebook update from anywhere. This will get linked with immersive VR for a hedonistic playground. The top 1%-3% worldwide will make the leap. That will be existence. People of the 1-3% bodies will decompose to no affect to us because by then we will be uploaded in a self running system. I see this being wide enough to contain all tinkerers. It might be 50 years from now. The soul upload to the cloud.

What of the people left behind? They will be in a 1920s level system with battles over the basics. So many folks will have been uploaded, but taken whole, that others won't know how to run the system. It will devolve to an agrarian type system with Christianity and Islam doing battle for societal systems. The America pieces left behind will be Christendom's domain. Asia's western remnant with the Middle East and Europe will be Islam. Europe will have some Christ based outposts, but they will probably pull back and move to the Americas. China will be another edge of the battle with the ones who don't get uploaded being split from the Muslim western spots to whatever has built up for Christianity there. Africa will be a battle as the Muslim North intermingles with the Christian areas in sub-Sahara Africa. This is why Nigeria and Chad are on the edge for fights amongst religions. Brutal fighting in those areas. They will be reactionary movements. It will be interesting to see if they make it to a singularity point.

What could also happen is once the 1-3% worldwide make it to the cloud upload, they could gain knowledge to spread the singularity existence to others. It could be a mass upload, which then leads to a shared existence as all become small pieces of a giant mesh. Each in control of time and space spent by themselves, with their loved ones present or not. All become individual subjective experiences of one objective existence.

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