Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 Birthdays

Besides containing Valentine's Day, this week had 3 consecutive days that were birthdays for my two grandfathers and the one great-grandmother who was with me the longest. Their birthdays were 3 days in a row, which made things easier for me as I grew up. They helped shape me, and made me who I am as an adult. I had all 3 of them for 22 years, and now I am down to 1.

There are the things we get from nurture that they are responsible for like a love of history, an understanding of how horrible the millwork could be before worker protection laws, feeling the need to work for a better tomorrow, working hard, following the law, believing in God, and knowing that sometimes you have to fight. These bits I learned from their stories. Sense of duty, love of family, sense of sharing, the importance of remembering are things I learned by watching and listening to them. There are also the things that I understand as I grow older that are from them through nature. I fall in love pretty hard. I love deeply. I can carry a grudge like no one else. I can hate pretty passionately. I'm a passionate person. I constantly try to make order out of the chaos that is life. I had all 3 for 22 years, 2 for 30, and now I am just down to 1.

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