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Movie Idea: Sequel to WW2 Art Treasures Film

There's a wonderful meeting at the Chateau Frontenac in Aug 1943 where the big wigs who planned D-Day are meeting. There is a scene with the big wigs who are meeting with lookalikes for the big names in a room and the doors close. Another set of doors open and men walk in to meet with a table of men (some uniformed, others in suits). Here's our introduction to the problem. The table men explain to the uniformed colonel level guy that he has to assemble a team that will get into France and set up the network of assets for the invasion of France. The Army official explains that they should choose men of French or French-Canadian backgrounds and fluent French speakers who have extensive knowledge of the language & customs. Standard spiel on the trust, risk, etc. Colonel says he might have a good asset in mind. Suited table man says the OSS can also furnish some men with intelligence backgrounds as well as the Canadians, but they will need decision makers, guys not afraid to shoot and creative thinkers.

Cut to scene of Army guy running training exercise. It's the American from the Art movie. He's doing basic combat movies and ropes type stuff. Colonel drives up in jeep. Discusses with him a job offer. Asks him to report to a spot in Virginia. First two tests are the multi dot line connect with only 4 lines, the two pieces of wood to get across the moat test and then the third and final test. This will be the Army OSS ladder, hanging bar, 2nd ladder test. Informal test to see his quick decision making. We'll have him hang for a 2nd as Colonel says to suited guy, "C'mon guy, find the right way down." Sure enough he kicks around for 2nd ladder and makes his way down, lights go on and he sees their was a mattress to catch him in case he had just let go. Colonel briefs him and they discuss the team's needs. They comb the rolls for guys from Louisiana and the Maine/NH/VT border. Look for high aptitude tests. Sequence of going over profiles, short interviews, first impressions, etc. OSS calls and says they have 2 men of their own, and the Brits have supplied them with a Quebecois. Just need 3 more besides our lead. They pick the final three with 1 being a big Cajun, 1 a big lumberjack northern woods guy, and the last being a wiry smooth talker (PFC with discipline problems like he f*cked a general's daughter).

Scene of our female lead still in France with Brit, hiding in occupied France. On the look out for collaborators & Nazis while keeping mouth shut about their treasures. One night, Brit tells her of whispers of a coming invasion by Allies. She gets excited, and he says they can contribute. Must bide time. Wait for words. The resistance will get back to them. She tells him she will case bridges and local choke points. He tells her she is getting ahead of herself. She starts to talk to other women in the village. She feels compelled to do her part to get rid of the Nazis.

Training sequence split between guys getting debriefed, training with new fangled scuba gear, and working hand to hand skills and close combat. Cajun and lumberjack type constantly get in macho contests of strength. They are briefed on the french resistance by OSS team members, how to blend in and how they are to handle information. OSS stiff shirt types get ripped on a bit. Team travels to England and discuss lives while on trip there. Lead mentions his time in France and love with female. They says "We ALL gotta girl back home, but you got a girl waiting for you there?!?!?" Need a scene where the team is in UK with special weapons team. Insertion is going to be under fisherman's boat off the coast in the early morning. His boat will suffer technical difficulties and come back right after going out with them under. Colonel will wish them well and good luck. Asks for his dog tags. Speaks with lead about their mission & the importance of relaying as much info back as possible about Nazi defenses. Tells him he specifically went after him for the daring work he did with the artwork. Of course asks what he protected, lead says he didn't know but did not need to know. Lead says it is like fighting the Nazis, he does it because the Nazis threaten civilization and the freedoms we all love. Shake hands.

Scene on cold Winter morning in english channel. Men suit up, carry trunk with equipment, and get on navy ship. At rendezvous spot, sure enough the old man's fishing boat makes it way there. They give him the trunk and then go underwater to hook onto handles under the boat. Ticking clock is air in tanks. As they get close to shore, Germans stop the fisherman. Give him sh*t. He says his boat is flakey and it's cold for his engine. Too old for this sh*t. Germans let them pass as big cajun's tank running low. Cajun tank runs out due to delay. Lumberjack grab him as his legs drift and dangle closer to propeller blades. OSS stiff shirt guy does the breath once for him, hold, let cajun breath, hold, and alternate until they get to shore. Stiff shirt jokes how big cajun got nervous and sucked in too much air while under. Cajun says job well done and pats him on the back hard in harsh gratitude.

We need a montage scene of this crack team scouting nazi bridges and depots, doing two man team jobs of random mayhem, randomly killing nazis, and making contact with la resistance, throw in a shot of the colonel celebrating soem news of a hit, all with it ending with a night time scene in early spring at a barn. Three of their guys are still out (OSS, smooth guy + lumberjack). Cut to scene of lumberjack + smooth talker. He's making contact with new resistance recruits (our french girl & the brit). They give list of families and places of refuge. Suddenly there is a knock on the guest room door at the Inn they are at. German sounding French asks if everything is alright. Smooth talker says yes. German outside door has gun with him and 2nd man with gun poised to shoot. Asks if he will come out. Smooth talker says in French very quickly "i am here with a woman who is not my wife". The french female ushers the brit and lumberjack out the window and quickly strips and jumps into bed. Germans holster their guns, step in and survey the room. Joke about French men and infidelity. The lumberjack and smooth talker worry that oss guy is not around. Connect it to the germans. They get info on hiding place from french girl & brit. They hike it back to barn. Cut back to barn and Germans have it surrounded. Start firing on barn. Silence. Drag out OSS guy they have beaten severely to tell them to give up. Firefight. Allies have limited tools and Germans let them have it. Barn in flames. Lumberjack + Smooth arrive after Germans have left with the fire out. Find lead and Cajun left alive but badly wounded. Other OSS and quebecois are dead. They bring them to closest spot on list from brit/french girl.

Lead wakes up, wounded, bandaged, french song being sung by lady in the room. He's hazy and says french girl's name. Old lady walks to him and says 'no no no, i'm not blah blah but you need to rest. you must be special man if young women come to watch you sleep'. He feels metal on his chest and realizes he isn't wearing dog tags. He reaches down and it's his cross. the cross he gave the french chick at the end of the first movie. he can't believe it. starts yelling. old woman comes in and says she'll get his friends, and in come lumberjack, smooth, cajun with the brit and frenchie from film 1. Reunion scene 101 it is not as this is somber. They tell him to get his rest and leave one by one. Brit teases him as a magnet for trouble. Frenchie gives him kiss before she leaves.

Scene of guys planning. The OSS guys are dead, some reliable contacts they had are now underground or dead, and they still want to do damage behind lines for the D-day invasion. Lead comes down stairs bandaged and chimes in. Plenty of damage they can do linked with resistance. Resistance still has know how and ways to send information out. Focus on roads between the tanks in their area and the supposed landing spots. Blow up those bridges so they can't mobilize out of that area and aid the Atlantic wall forces. Team likes this. There is work to do and the men separate a bit. Lead tells his old Brit and French friend that he needs the Brit to get some resistance people to just cause slight problems in towns where they an. Any diversion of forces is welcome. They leave. He talks to his squad, and they discuss recon of temporary tank repair base that has panzers as well as lots of fuel. With some mayhem, they can take it out or at the least slow them down from going to the beaches.

Cut to scene of colonel receiving word of what happened. Other brass guy asks if they should mark that squad as done. Colonel says no. They will still fight on. Might need some direction. The colonel doesn't want to send anything out with d-day so close. He just hopes that the lead and his team can do something to help behind enemy lines. Need some cool line about 'don't mark "lead" out yet, he's got experience outfoxing nazis".

Night falls. Frenchie come back to see lead. No words, they just get down. They talk about what they did during their break. She tells of how Brit had to stay very low profile as he stuck out a bit in the small farming town they were in. She could blend in a bit being young help at their last safe house. He talks of bobbing in the ocean after the truck crash not knowing what to do, but knowing he couldn't risk her life going back to find her right then. Fisherman helped him make his way to england, and he returned home. He signed up after pearl harbor and with his background, intelligence and experience in france, the army was helping him train men for this fight. he got picked by the colonel, the rest is classified and now he's here. Let's have them get down again before the scene cuts away.

They meet and know the invasion is days away. Lead starts doling out orders. Brit & Frenchie are to use their contacts with locals to start small disturbances during the morning and to have random small fires w/the locals looking for nazis to put them out. do not provoke nazis, just occupy their time and energy. Don't have tons of explosives but notice quirk to the tank repair and fuel depot location. small bridges over brooks are a network around it. the remaining original squad will target the small bridges. Knock out enough and tanks can't move w/o repairing multiple bridges which would slow them down and burn more gas., and that's if they cant destroy tanks and fuel at depot. Brit says goodbye to lead and knows he will find a way to succeed. Frenchie has tearful goodbye and kiss. She gives him scarf she had altered in time between seeing him. She leaves and he looks down and sees it has a stitched pattern of the two flags, USA & France with their names.

Dawn after the air bombings of the night before which shake them awake. They know it is on. Cross cut this scene with the locals out a bit, burning things and being normal Frenchmen with their disdain for the germans. The squad ends up taking out small bridges and there would be a series of them before they get to the depot. Depot would be cool battle scene. Explosions, automatic guns, dead nazis, place is all on fire by nightfall. They reconnect with brit & frenchie. New resistance people come to hideaway spot and ask for lead. Tell him they have paratroopers looking for team of Americans. Those Yanks come in and tell them to rejoin the fight. Cajun and Lumberjack all grins and jump up. Lead leaves with kiss to frenchie. Asks her to wait once more, and she kisses him again. Holds him, sadness, they leave the house while Brit and Frenchie look out from door.

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