Thursday, January 05, 2012

Movie Idea: Love Strikes Back

Rom-coms suck for the most part. In my tradition of Ang Lee style movie making, I will dare to conjure up a rom com that might be super cliche, but pretty entertaining for 20s somethings. Have I posted this before? Who knows, let's roll that beautiful movie idea.

A young man wrapping up law school has his folks visiting for the graduation. Annoyed by his folks incessant pressure to marry, he talks his ex-girlfriend from undergrad days into posing as his fiancee for the weekend. First twenty minutes is guy dicking around with friends and enjoying 3rd year law student life: playing video games, eating bad food, doing 'manchild' things. Parents call him up to tell him they are coming for the long weekend graduation thing. Phone conversation has to be awkward and show the stupid family pressure. He then concocts plans with his roommate about how to cover this. There needs to be a whiteboard scene where the guys go through his list of ex-gfs before settling on one. He reaches out to ex-gf from college who lives in NYC. Her dumb friends all live that wanna-be s3x and the city life. He calls her while she is about to go out one night with them, she says she might do it, friends bash the guy, they go out drinking appletinis and girlie drinks, only to wake up crying with their giant sunglasses on the next morning. That image has to be in the movie, crying with giant sunglasses on. Ex-GF decides to take him up on his offer and they meet for a lunch to square away the details. Lunch has them hash out some details. I want there to be a flashback scene, Rashomon style, of some event that caused the end of their relationship like him getting drunk and insulting all of her friends before pissing on her lawn, but he describes it as getting drunk after she had neglected him for the umpteenth time and delved deeper into her big city girl life. they look at this as a fun challenge.

His parents and sibling (prob a sis) arrive first for a dinner on thursday where he introduces ex-gf as his fiancee. The family acts happy and all is well. The dinner involves them being put awkwardly in a position to answer questions that they can't get the right answers to or have difficulty in explaining. at one point the mom asks the ex-gf how they got back together and she portrays it in a way that makes him look like he begged her back and then he follows it up with a different recollection of how it happened to top hers. this would be like a bad interview. they go separate ways until the parents say "arent you going home together". they spend the night together, in which they stay up having long talk. he makes the move to stay in his own bed, and she tells him to hightail it to the couch. This might be the biggest suspension of disbelief in the movie. friday has him doing grad things with friends and explaining to them that no he is not back together with his ex and he's got to put the game on chicks. saturday they have a lunch soiree graduation dumb ass thing with his fam where the guy goes to have a drink at the bar with his dad while the mom and sister tell the ex-gf that they are so happy they got back together and how he never truly stopped loving her. of course coming back from that, the two leads talk where she confronts him about this which he denies but this ends up in a fight where he yells "it was you who walked away" or something lame like that. she drives away listens to some grrrl rock song, and then he texts the hottie from the prior scene and goes back to his place to find her waiting for some banging. this has to happen as it happens in every romantic comedy with the one difference being the chick never finds out. of course on graduation sunday there is their final "show" in front of his fam for graduation. there's got to be some kind of heart to heart with the mom and the ex-gf. The dinner after the graduation is where it all comes together. he has to end up in some dumb embrace with her as they have to whisper to one another how they should truly get married.

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