Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The MLK Statue

Anyone been reading up lately on the MLK Memorial in DC? It is an absolute mess.

1. A Chinese sculptor designed it. Why not an American, or maybe an African-American, sculptor design this? Because the Chinese government chipped in $25 million towards the memorial which was falling short of fundraising goals (still not there).
2. The stone is from China. The final assembly was suppose to be done by DC based firms, but nope, Chinese crews. Oh, did I forget to mention that MLK looks like he is Chinese in the statue?
3. The MLK family shook the memorial foundation down for using his likeness and words from his speeches. This is pathetic and disgraceful of the family.
4. MLK is misquoted on the statue.
5. Looking at the major contributors, it is interesting to see Hilfiger up there due to the urban legends of how he viewed blacks wearing his clothes. It is also interesting to see that they have raised $114 mil, when $10 mil was from the US govt and $25 mil was from the Chinese. They have nearly 100 major donors listed (George Lucas for some reason). Somehow they have almost $35 mil from two federal governments, 100 corporate donors, then there are small, individual donors, and they haven't collected $120 mil.

This is the perfect baby boomer nostalgia with a dash of white guilt monument. Black Americans spend $9 billion a year on hair care products. With the US government matching program and corporate sponsors up the wazoo, this should have been an easy goal. It is a crying shame that fundraising problems forced the MLK Memorial board to select a Chinese sculptor with Chinese stone. The Chinese connection as well as MLK family money grubbing might be the perfect little capsule for the spiritual status of our nation.

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Harry Baldwin said...

(George Lucas for some reason).

He's still trying to make up for the all white cast in "Star Wars."