Sunday, August 28, 2011

Infanticide Stats

The local news reported on a sad case of infanticide in our metro area. These news stories hit my wife a bit harder now since we have a wee little one now. As she said, "babies cry for a few reasons, diaper, food, sleep, no need to hit them". The child was two months old yet died of blunt force trauma from multiple hits. With all of that Casey Anthony uproar in the back of my mind, I decided to look for some statistics on infanticide in America.

The breakdown of who does the killing surprised my wife and I, as it was dads at 31%, moms at 29% and male 'acquaintances' at 23%. No wonder many dads don't feel to keen on strange new boyfriends of their ex or baby momma being in the house where their kid lives. The percentage killed by acquaintances has risen since 1976, which I bet is tied back to the number of illegitimate kids rising and children living in divorced homes.

The breakdown of who dies by age is the majority are under 2 years of age. People are killing children who can barely communicate with them. Maybe the 2 year mark is a break point where the ability of adults to cope with the quicly elevated stress levels and alarm of a crying child is conditioned.

The racial breakdown is pretty sad for the black community, but at least it has come down in recent years. The white rate per 100K has been stable since the '70s, and the black rate has come down, but it is still 3x the rate of white infanticide. I do think they are sliding the hispanic rates into whichever color breakdown hispanics place themselves. I do notice that the 'other' rate is lower than the white rate, proving that Asians take care of their kids. This is another self inflicted wound in the black community.

This last part might be part of the media circus with Casey Anthony. It was a ridiculous story of lies, deceit and no remorse. Add to it a pretty woman. Add to it a pretty white woman with a weird family. These things all together make her case even more unusual.

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