Saturday, July 09, 2011

Song Reaction: Last Friday Night

The recent pop release for Katy perry is "Last Friday Night", which my sister did not appreciate hearing with the 13 yr old and 1 yr old in the car. My wife and I were surprised, as my sister is not a prude so we searched for it online to listen to. The content of the lyrics are adult, but the context of a 'young' pop singer singing this in her teenybop way for the teen girls (and gay men) is what makes it a bit weird.

The beginning has house party imagery spotlighted by the stranger in the bed, hangover head ache, minibar smell of protagonist, and a Barbie (the doll) on the BBQ. Then the protagonist says it might be a hickie or a bruise, with pics online of the night, but just "oh well" and "it ruled". The imagery is of teen parties with plenty of bad adult behavior, but 'oh well' and hey it ruled. No consequences or fear. It will all work out.


Because the chorus and later verses. The chorus which talks about doing shots, not sure about sexual contact, maxing out credit cards and behaving so badly the bar kicks her out. THEN they streak, skinny dip and have a 3 way, with the chorus saying 'do it all again'. No consequences. The later verse references having a job, a car, and a party dress (adult items). The behavior is repeated, but now the subject is older. In the course of the song, the lyrics take you from wild child teen to wild child adult. No consequences. Do it all again, it will rule, because the worst thing that could happen is that the photos will end up online. Oh well.

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