Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Hippies of the '60s

Great article, here, on the '60s radicals by Mark Ames. I do agree that the '60s have been overly portrayed as a sex, drugs, fun period for radicalism, with the harsher element to the Yippies covered up. It does portray them more naive and innocent to future generations, easier to dismiss and mock, but I think it also covers up the radical and dangerous side that many adults walking around today can tuck away for polite society. The political robberies, shootings and kidnappings of the ;ate 60s and early 70s seem like from a comic book. Even the extreme eco-terrorist people don't snatch people.

"Hey kids did you know mom and I were part of a commune style living organization that occasional robbed capitalist pig banks to bring the system down?"

"Wait, what? You sh*ts don't even want me to write a bad letter to the principal out of fear it will go on my record!"


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