Sunday, July 03, 2011

The DSK Sexual Assault Fiasco

Because I dislike the low value, big media attention of political sex cases, I dislike writing about them. I see them as sideshow things like the Rep. Weiner lameness. The media loves to sell that type of news, and doesn't put in the effort to follow up on Fukushima, the Financial Crisis origins, etc., which are more of a process than a clean quick event. I did want to discuss the DSK fiasco as it has worldwide impact, has a 'hit' vibe to it, shows horrible decision making by the DA's office, and shows how bad the coverage was initially.

- DSK was head of the IMF. He was the lead challenger to Sarkozy in France for the presidency. He has stated that the world might have to change from the dollar as the reserve currency, and Sarkozy is in serious trouble as the country was mad at his leadership in austerity measures that helped keep France solvent (for at least another year).

- DSK was arrested and smeared as every questionable thing he had done with women was dragged up. He's gone from the IMF. He is smeared enough to leave Sarkozy with no big, public face to run against. Magically, the IMF installs a new chief and the case then comes into question. They just waited to have his replacement secured, then started expressing doubts? How long did they doubt the story but kept it under wraps so he couldn't attempt to get his old IMF job back? Banksters need to have their way.

- Physically, men can easily overpower many women as the average man is 5 inches taller than the average women and much stronger (on average). DSK is 62, a touch on the short side, tubby, and supposedly overpowered a 30 year old who is 6 feet tall to force her to perform fellatio on him. Physically, this just doesn't make sense.

- The media portrayed the accuer as an immigrant who had come to America for asylum, who had two small children, was deeply religious, and wanted a better life in America. She left the room in a hurry which could be seen on security cameras. The media wrote how DSK left the hotel in a hurry and got on a flight to get out of the country. Rape and run; that is how it was presented.

- The case is now on the verge of collapse. The accuser has far more dirty connections than anyone knew. The accuser spoke to her man in prison and talked about shaking DSK down for big money. The accuser's story has changed multiple times, and has been accused of lying on the witness stand in front of a grand jury by authorities. Men deposit money in her bank accounts, and she has 5 cell phones in her name yet only uses one. The accuser's asylum story doesn't match up as she has claimed a prior rape.... that no one can find any record of. She did not run from the room, but instead cleaned another room aftert he supposed attack. The smear now is on her as the rumors are that she was assigned to that hotel as a maid/prostitute.

- DSK left the hotel, had lunch with his daughter, phoned the hotel to say he left his cell phone behind, and then got on a plane to go back to France, which he had planned beforehand. Either his is one cold eyed sick man or an innocent guy who had sex with a maid.

- The DA decided to arrest DSK, a high profile individual, without evaluating the story beyond the initial report. DSK would have to return to America as head of the IMF, and you damn well know France does extradite criminals (Sarkozy would love handing him over). They could have investigated this further before creating an international scene. Why the rush to arrest?

I originally was skeptical of the accusation, but wanted to wait for evidence like security camera footage and the rape kit results. Things did not add up early, and are worse now. My final take is that the bankers, the elite and the cartel did not like DSK's statements about the dollar, gold and bailouts. Sarkozy did not like him, and Sarkozy has been a nice buddy to the euro banks with the Greece, Ireland, euro issues. This was a way to eliminate DSK as a threat. This also creates headlines to distract people from the 2nd great depression and the Libya fiasco. The big loser: women who do get raped and fear coming forward. Odd cases or false accusers that get huge coverage (the Duke lacrosse case) create a horrible environment for true rape victims.

UPDATE: It appears surveillance video showed the accuser cleaning other rooms after the supposed attack, and then the security guys high fived each other and danced after the accuser made her report. This was a set up.

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