Saturday, July 16, 2011

Casey Anthony: Why was Facebook on Fire?

Casey Anthony was a character in a made for court TV drama about a woman suspected of killing her daughter so it would not interfere with her awesome 20s lifestyle. She was found not guilty of murdering her child and even of child abuse/neglect, and the Facebook was not happy. Facebook was a great example of the public outrage as people might as well called for her head on a stick followed by the idiot jurors and prosecution team members. I have not seen such vitriol since W was in office.

Why? Who cares? This was a murder trial in Florida of the most horrific type crime in our imagination (filicide) by an attractive young mom, who then went out and partied for a month before saying the child was missing. There is a web of lies, and then a circus trial with the accused's mom playing a role in freeing her daughter. Yes, it is horrible, but it is one murder. This is the problem we run into with modern media and crime. While nationwide people knew of the Lindbergh baby or Lizzie Borden, murders like this did not get the nationwide media attention they do now. There also wouldn't be the Facebook friendly drinking and partying pictures to display of the horrible murdering mother. She didn't act remorseful on prison videos. She was 'bad'. We know too much and can be too connected.

It is a horrific story perfectly tailored for TV. It hits all of our 'oooh that's bad' buttons. The outrage at the not guilty verdict is also the release of pent up frustrations at our legal system, at the thought that there are two justice systems (rich vs. non-rich), at the oddities of family court, at the corruption elsewhere, reckless bankers that have not been arrested, and the knowledge of slaps on the wrist for other murders. Compare the Casey Anthony single murder to the Grand Rapids Mass Murder last week. The media showcased how one man murdered 7 people all because his wife was leaving him. His family blamed it on his bipolar disorder (which he received Social Security disability payments for), while others pointed out how violent he was and how many run ins with the law he had. We see that and think "why is he loose?". Some see it and think "Why were women having kids with him and dating him?". It's a far more heinous event than a single murder, but we can't scream for his blood as he killed himself. Casey Anthony was accused of murder and got off. She is most likely a monster who either killed her daughter or acted irresponsibly in a way that caused her daughter's death (suffocation by accident theory) and partied for a month after. Is she a career criminal who kills 7 people, including his own daughter, in a murdering rampage? No. Should we move on and focus our energies elsewhere? Yes. Your mental ejaculations on Facebook are worthless.

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