Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How is Al Franken a Senator?

Al Franken wrote a pathetic essay for the Huffington Post about how he is so bummed out he voted for extending all of the Bush tax cuts. As I typed before, Obama was in a tough position and did cave incredibly quick. Part of the problem is that he acted without considering his own frickin' party. Sen. Franken and his cohorts in the Senate should have approached Obama. They truly should have acted on this earlier, but they still could have approached Obama and said "no way we pass anything unless the top marginal rate goes back to 39.6%". As silly as it sounds, this small measure would resonate. I find it comical that Sen. Franken laments extending the millionaire tax cuts but within his rationale he reveals that extending the Bush tax cuts is HUGE for middle and lower class families. Go figure, for all of those years (2001-present) the tax cuts helped all Americans. Screw you Al Franken. You are only a Senator because Acorn worked their magic to get you a win. 225 votes.

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