Wednesday, December 08, 2010

First Christmas Away From Home

I have already been guilt tripped for this, but this Christmas is my first Christmas away from my parents. Because of my wife's pregnancy, we will not be flying home for the holidays. I'm not really bothered by this as I always knew this would happen, and I looked forward to carving out my own traditions with my own family unit. I just know it is going to crush my mom. My birthday is before Christmas. She had a horrible delivery for me, and crossed her fingers we'd be released for Christmas. She brought me home Christmas Eve and to this day always sends me a card or email that says I am her "favorite Christmas gift". This is not saying much as my grandparents and my dad are not good gift givers. In all seriousness, Skype will help but will not substitute for being there. Next year will not be easier, and you might ask why won't they fly out for Christmas, but then you'd be forgetting that when YOU move away it is YOUR duty to keep contact and make the effort to see people.

At an early age, I was dead set on having a family of some sort. I also was dead set on having my own family come 'first'. I will not be trekking 1000 miles with a newborn or toddler on Christmas. Santa will come to his house and eat cookies that he leaves out for Santa. My dad had a pathological desire to place his family (parents/siblings) and their issues above our family (my mom/my sister/me). It was pretty obvious. I swore never to do that to my wife or kids. It needs to start small, but be a steady theme. Things like where Christmas is sound petty to some, but to me are important. I hope you all have a safe and joyous Christmas season wherever it takes you.

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