Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I took the new to me car out for a spin last Friday. I plan on driving it around the neighborhood each weekend to make sure it sees the road and stays in shape. It is a 30 year old car with 120K miles on it, and needs the use or the fuel injection will get messed up and the battery will drain. This sounds so silly, but that short drive felt fun. The V8 felt good. I have never had a fun car. I love road trips, and have always enjoyed driving with good music on the radio. Few things match that joy of your first drive after you get your license. It's freedom. It's a self imposed and liberating isolation. I can't wait to put the top down and take it out for a real road test next spring.
I can't thankt he previous owner of the car enough for his generosity. Besides new tires and brakes prior to our transaction, in the month between our initial agreement and the close, he tuned it up, corrected the fuel injection issue and put in a new battery. He said it didn't drive right and wanted it tuned up. He's also 80+, and has some class. I love the Midwest.

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