Sunday, November 07, 2010

Music in the 90s

Great series here at the AV Club about music in the 90s. The three essays are fantastic so far, and I really enjoyed the Pearl Jam entry. The author's first essay touches on something my cousin and I were discussing recently: will music or a music scene ever be that big again? I doubt it. The internet has made us the seekers of music rather than passive listeners consuming music through the radio and even MTV. Has there been a "Who do you like more?" question since the Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam debate? Each decade had a rivalry, but this one does not. The band "The Killers" was built for the industry to turn into rock gods. It did not happen. I saw it as a failure of the band, but now I think it might be on the entire structure of music today. This series touches on that, and it explains why the alternative nation was so distinctive and memorable.

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