Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Marriage Can't End Can It?

Pretty horrible stats here on the decline of marriage in the US (more here). The decline does have phases, but I find it weird the mention of Vietnam as a shock. I don't see how Vietnam would cause such a shock to marriage, unless they are alluding to people not getting married for the marriage deferment when the US switch from the draft system to the lottery system. I worry about the decline of marriage and other things that highlight our devolution. The basis for a good society rests on good homes and communities. This is not just an American issue, but an entire Western civ issue.

I disagree with the conclusion to this article, as I do not see the marriage rate dropping in dramatic fashion as it has in the last 30 years. My rational is that there will be a bottom bouncing effect, where we reach a level where marriage rates cannot get any worse in the segments that are really driving it down (lower income). The other factor is a reduction in the social safety net system and a reduction in our living standards. This will cause women, the gatekeepers, to make better decisions on how their households are formed. While men and women both share responsibility, women have the final say in many if not all matters. Once living standards have dropped and our governments do not have the money to cover for their bad decisions, forming lasting households with reputable partners will be a priority. It may take some hard work, but lasting relationships reap benefits superior to just satisfying every passing carnal desire.

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