Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cat Ownership Rises in America

If you read through this little article, you can read contradictions that the author just slips in for fun. It can't be incompetence, it must have been for enjoyment. The number of women without kids is up 80% in 30 years. The article cites the part about people (couples as well as single women) delaying marriage, working on their career, enjoying their young life of fun, and then Dr. Corio mentions "a lot of women can't find someone, or they're very picky or very educated". Umm, hello, smart and picky women find husbands all of the time. This might be a subset of the group, a very small subset. I'd go back to the delay of marriage, the waste of 4 years of life delaying real life by going to college, and the enjoyment of fun things. The trappings of the mature adult life are shunned by young people today. Heck, their baby boomer parents barely shouldered them.

One thing that annoys me about articles that talk about trends in society is that they like to give excuses or focus on how that economic go getter group of young-ins is the cause of changes. The average US salary is 41K here, but I've seen median salary numbers in the mid 30s. That means the average person is not working on some hot shot career. Hell, half of America makes less than 40K a year. Johnny or Joannie Wall St ladder climber is not the cause of the dramatic shift. The shift is much bigger. One thing my mom noticed years ago and told me was that she was shocked how many of my female friends would openly say "I don't ever want kids". We laugh now as most of them have kids, but my mom would say how no one her age would have ever said that out loud even if they thought it. Kids are not for everyone, but when I hear many young women say they don't ever want kids, I think they picture a life like Samantha from Sex and the City. The reality is closer to cat lady.

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