Thursday, October 28, 2010

Household Robots Coming Soon

I can't wait for household robots. Check out this video. A master chef robot would be fantastic, just imagine if that robot could also play the piano for you after your meal. The possibilities are only years away now, not decades. I, of course, am looking forward to sex robots. One entertaining writer has written about the ramifications to different groups when sex robots hit the market. I see divorce decreasing as men will act out desires with the robot rather than a human mistress. Marriage might also change in that partner selection might be focused more on the woman's qualities less than her looks that she would offer for companionship, for building wealth, and what she could pass down to children. The beautiful ditz with no personality or a crazy personality might just be relegated to physical affairs and never be proposed to, as a guy will have the plug in version of her at home. He might really want a long term relationship with a well rounded woman. Imagine a world where men value mental stability, common sense and intelligence moreso than beauty in a partner because they can always crank up the sexbot. This could create far more stable children with better aptitude. This could backfire, and men could hold out until the hottest chick they think they can ever get becomes available. I keep saying men, because men are visual creatures when it comes to mate selection more than women. The more I hear women talk about how they select partners, the less I understand.

I freely admit I would buy a sex robot. I'd probably go with a Grace Kelly 1953, Marisa Miller 2008 or Salma Hayek 2002. I would be perfectly fine with my wife having one as well. It's only a robot. The first generation or two would probably be simple, one look designs. It would take a few years, but the 3rd generation or 4th could be when the robots would change their look on command or photo upload. Apple would totally sell iSexbots, design them wonderfully, and continuously release a new version every 9 months to piss you off. Apple has to figure out something new because laptops and phones eventually become price battlefields.

I do agree with the above linked author that if marriage did decay to nothing in a sex robot world, it would be the end of western civilization.

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