Thursday, October 14, 2010

Colleges Let Students Decide the Issues: Mascots

Ole Miss changed their mascot from Colonel Reb to a black bear. This change was in the making once the school admin pulled Colonel Reb from the field and 'retired' him. It was controversial. The student wanted a damn mascot and started the voting process for a new one. Glad Ole Miss allowed students some control over their school. I do not like how wikipedia implies that Colonel Reb was gladly sent away back to his plantation with antebellum architectural design. If the change is to shed the association with the Civil War Dixie era, then why keep the nickname "rebels"? Now a black bear represents the rebels of Ole Miss. Stupid. This is another example of some white people getting offended on behalf of others. It's not like Ole Miss does a good job of representing the ethnic make up of their own state with the student body: 15% of Ole Miss is black kids vs. 37% of the state of Mississippi. Let's concentrate on reaching out to black students rather than some token gesture of getting rid of a mascot. Stupid.

They still should have voted for Admiral Ackbar.

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