Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Online Run In with Oswald Bates

An blogger wrote a little post as a thought experiment on talking about the black middle class without discussing ghetto things. It sounded like an interesting idea, and I noticed he had many comments (mostly his oddball responses to others). I have seen this author comment on another blog, and he doesn't argue well. It's like he doesnt read anyone's response, ignores facts that contradict his claims and uses big words incorrectly. I ended up somehow sparking an argument from him that had nothing to do with my comments. It got to the point where I had to strip my comments down to the most basic:

"No I said the exact opposite...I don't see what you are reading that makes you type the questions you are typing now."

Forget explaining myself, just say he's not reading my comments. He finally stopped with the silly insults to my intelligence, which he does with others I noticed, read my comments and then sounded like ab eager beaver to discuss with me the topic. I didn't respond because I figured out he was not worth the time for good conversation. I had to think hard about it, but I figured out who he reminded me of.

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