Thursday, September 02, 2010

Discovery Channel Terrorist

A Mr. James Lee took hostages and had to be shot in the Discovery Channel building. His manifesto is hysterical ("and, of course, the squirrels"). Even thought by all accounts he sounds like a normal libtard that really believes Al Gore cares about the environment and not money & attention, I bet they try to tie him to the Tea Party. Definitely the activist fringe of the enviro lobby, and I have to wonder how he got to the building. Did he walk? Did he bike? If he drove, he's a bit of a hypocrite. I've got far more respect for enviro-moralists that go off the grid rather than live in the suburbs and flaunt supposed environmental consciousness over others. Living the belief is powerful. It's like being an enviro-monk.

Environmentalism and religion are pretty good substitutes. Keep in mind that these are the same people (enviro-moralists) that will take offense at any other person using say a morality based on Judeo-Christian values to pass judgement on others. They love to look down their noses at others who do not recycle or eat only locally grown foods. As someone once countered to my original thought that eating locally was better for the environment: "A supermarket has a few giant trucks to unload massive amounts of food for sale until expiration, while a farmers market has god knows how many vehicles bring a pick up truck load of food each to sell on one folding table for one morning". You do the gas guzzling math. I'm all for protecting the environment, biodiversity, clean water and forests. You just won't find me tsk tsking people for not recycling.

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