Monday, September 27, 2010

Can't wait for Al Gore to Give back his Nobel and Oscar

The White House has moved away from saying global warming and is now saying global climate disruption. Global warming has taken a huge hit with the revelation of twisted data, bad work in studies, pushback from Brazil, India and the 3rd world, and body shots from China & Russia claiming GW scientists don't accept their data. China and Russia are kind of big countries. Odd that this British newspaper is now discussing 'Global Cooling'. The British have subjected their people to far more restrictions than other countries, but that is just par for the course with the British elites being completely out of whack with Mum and John Bull.

I bring up Al Gore because he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts with global warming awareness. You can check nominees here for that year. I don't see raising global warming awareness as a peace endeavour. Ask the 3rd world, India and China if they like the developed world telling them to cut back on carbon, treating it like a wretched pollutant (it isn't). i think this causes more friction than peace. I also think this, as well as Jimmy Carter getting the award in 2002, was just a protest vote against the W administration. I won't touch the 2009 award/joke, but if I were Bill Clinton, I'd be ticked off. Bill Clinton has done more for peace wordlwide than any of thsoe 3 recipients. Bill, see me at the Hooters in Indy on 82nd st, and I'll pick up the tab for your efforts with Israel-the PLO, ending genocide in the Balkans, and strengthening world trade.

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