Thursday, August 26, 2010

Virgins in America

A 23 yr old former intern at my company, now working elsewhere, is getting married in Nov. I asked if they were living together. Nope. I asked if his fiancee was going to move in right before the wedding to make the transition easier. Nope. Marriage first, then she'll move in. No sex prior to marriage, and even with the church booked and reception planned, nothing. I salute the ability to fend off a young man. It also bums me out that the intern, whom I first met two summers ago, is caving in and marrying now at 23. At lunch last week, I asked how he went from no engagement ring a month ago to a wedding dat in Nov he said "look man, it's simple, i'm not having sex, who needs an engagement period?" He should stay single. The possibilities are endless. Wait, no, no they are not. To each their own.

Adult virgins in America, by choice, they do exist.

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