Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Steampunk Movie Casting

Ok, I'm really pumped up by the steampunk movie I outlined earlier. If I were to pitch it to a studio, I'd stress:

1. A really untapped market.
2. It has a built in audience as steampunk has plenty of fans. I think there is pent up demand for a steampunk movie. I know steampunk fans who liked Firefly.
3. It has the nostalgia factor and period piece stuff that women love.
4. Sequels and prequels can be spun off as a 'universe' is created.
5. A studio could have comic book tie ins and spin offs.
6. A studio could sell action figures.
7. The UK setting (and UK heavy cast) would help with International box office revenue.

On to the cast....

Alex Hamilton - Lead Yank - Someone attractive & thin, who is still manly enough to envision investigating in the dark or on the sea. Has to play the fish out of water well, but not over the top.... James Marsden.
Theodore Reynolds - Sidekick Yank - Theodore is the tougher of the two, and more of the rogue. Doesn't need to be super handsome, and more of the Sam Elliot-Harrison Ford-Lee Marvin type. Do these guys exist in Hollywood anymore? Stephen Moyer. He's a bit older than I wanted to cast, but he'll do.
Benjamin Collingstone - Ian McShane. This guy plays tough guys. He plays cool customers with a sharp edge. He's a great 'commanding jerk'.
Shelly Shirtsmith - I'm shooting high. Emmy Watson. I need that smart yet cute look, and I need someone who can play assertive an dhave a chip on their shoulder. She can carry the feminist banner for this role like a proto-Marie Curie. She also has to play both Yanks off of each other
Chet Silverworks - Random chubby Brit with huge hands. Just needs to have that "Oi" accent down right. If Simon Pegg would agree to this role, I'd gladly cast him and just let the camera roll for a while and edit his greatest hits for ramblings.
Murder Victim - Random old Brit. I'd want some fuddy duddy looking Brit with bad teeth.

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