Sunday, August 22, 2010

Following - Nolan's First Film

Finally saw Chris Nolan's first film, Following, and the rest of his films make sense. If he wrote inception 11 years ago, he wrote it around the time Following was made, and this makes sense. There is a 'Mr. Cobb' in Following. There are thieves, there is misdirection, plenty of theft and confusing bits. The idea of 'what is really going on' and 'who is playing who' is central to the story, and there are a couple of twists. I did not see the first one coming, but I did see the 2nd. Following and Memento feel like sibling movies. Nolan once again uses the non-linear storytelling method within a frame story, and this is a nicely done, low budget, black n white film.

I watched a lot of movies while my wife was gone a week.

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