Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upcoming NBA Games

For the remainder of the season, I intend to see 4 NBA games in Indy. I work about 5 blocks from the Conseco Fieldhouse, and with 7pm start times, I can work late and just walk over. This will be easy as the weather warms up. I'll see the Pacers player the Blazers, Heat, Spurs and Cavs. Obviously, I am holding out for quality teams and marquee names.

Here's part of why the NBA is hurting. I'm going to buy nosebleed seats for the cheap ticket price, and at halftime, walk down to the lower level and snag some good seats since attendance is so low now. For $10, I'll get a great view for half of the game. The last game had official attendance of 13K. That's like those online ads that say Derek Jeter's IQ is 140. I'd put that at 9K in reality... if they are lucky. Someone is going to do a weird promotion soon to put asses in the seats because they'll figure out that a free seat will get more concession and merchandise sales than a family of 4 paying $40-80 for 4 nosebleed seats.

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