Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Wii Thoughts

Nintendo Wii is an incredibly smart platform. Not in power but in design & marketing. It is a fun multiplayer platform. People now forget that the brilliance of Super Mario Bros and the original Nintendo platform was that there were 2 buttons. Jump was one button. Super Mario Bros got everyone playing from kids to parents. Nintendo might have realized with their 64 and Gamecube trailing in sales to the PS & PS2 that they had to go a different route. Why attack by conventional means when yuo can find another, cheaper niche? The Wii is brilliant that it allows you to use your normal body motion to perform what is on the screen. It is brilliant for racing games because of their incredibly smart use of the wheel attachment for the Wii wand. It is brilliant that it came out at half the cost fo a PS2 or Xbox 360. They made playing video games fun again for multiple people to use as a social setting. Video games can be complicated and intense. They can be long processes that take time and are designed for one person. For a platform console to reach those tantilizing female and casual adult gamer dempgrahics, you need somethign easy to play and fun. Sure the console computing power is not up to the power of the Xbox 360 or the PS3, but it is fun. My wife plays and bought one for me really for her to play. My dad owns one. My 85 year old grandfather, I think, wants to play the Tiger Woods game. At my family's Christmas party, my 8 year old cousins on up to my aunts and uncles all played bowling and tennis. This si the basic game for the console and it was played for hours. I am glad to see a console that is designed around group plays. I am glad to see a console that gets kids up and moving. I hope this is the start of a new trend.

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