Monday, January 12, 2009

McNabb McFlab

Man, McNabb is playing great. Uhhh, no not really. If I hear someone praise his ass one more time in this playoff season, I will snap. This goes back to that QBs get all of the blame and all of the praise. Right now that defense-special teams unit is winning games for them. Their offense has looked awful the 2 playoff games, scoring when given short fields and failing to build long, sustained drives to give their D a rest. Asante Samuel has proven to be a great signing. He's a pro bowler, has two INTs (1 TD) in the playoffs, and gives them a corner to match up vs. no 1 WRs and not feel exposed. The D has been reborn after a few years of softer play. This is the change. I dislike the sports media, but I do like McNabb.

In his early years, I defended McNabb and constantly defending his play over Culpepper, Couch, and other young QBs of his era. He isn't Manning or Brady, but he had chicken shit for weapons and never had a true no. 1 WR nor a true blue RB. WHat has frustrated me about him is how out of shape he has become. This is up for debate. I side on him being out of shape. He had the heaves and bad conditioning ever since he had that first injury and was out 5 weeks, gaining what seemed like 20 lbs in the process. He barely would run anymore. As a matter of fact, it seems like he would run more when he was rumored to be on the way out. The reason why he doesn't run as much anymore: he's panting and puffing after any drive regardless of how much work he did. A shot of him after a short drive that ened in a FG showed McNabb panting so much that my wife asked if he was a defensive player. No, that's the QB.

There's something incomplete with McNabb's development that should have happened by now to the over 30 QB. Not the "no ring" thing, but the lack of touch on passes and his failure to make that step up to a passer you could safely say is an accurate passer. He is a guy who is so much better in video games because it's nearly impossible for a QB rated 90 to drill a screen pass to a RB at 90 mph. That and there's always that braincramp that I guess all NFC east QBs in 2007-2008 have to have in big games (romo, eli and campbell are just as guilty). It would be nice to see him win a SB to get fans to shut up, but that would mean that Philly fans would become even more obnoxious than they already are. Sorry Donovan, I'll be cheering for you, but not the Iggles.

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