Sunday, November 02, 2008

Election Settled Thanks to Credit Crisis

Just look at the polling results change starting in mid-September. I still predict an Obama victory, and it will be much wider than I anticipated this summer. That is entirely thanks to the financial fuck up we have at least admitted is here. Seriously, that crisis was the best thing to happen to his campaign. No wonder Nancy Pelosi couldn't get the bailout bill to pass, prolonging the coverage of Wall St insanisty, despite her desire for it and her party having the majority in Congress. Hmmmm? Many people would say we have been in a messed up situation for a while and would be correct. It's just that we did not admit to it or realize it until recently. Even now, I do not think we are willing to accept what it will take to emerge on the other side intact.

Case in point: if the government sends us more stimulus checks in spring of 2009 instead of using that borrowed money on an infrastructure project or doemstic energy project (acceptable evils), I will be pretty ripped. This will not help. It's a band aid, but one laced with low doses of poison. We do not need checks in our pockets from some other country. We need to take our lumps with a recession, reduce consumption, save some money, and move along. Unless we build up our savings, we will not have a pool of money to use as domestic investment for the next recovery that doesn't come from others. The longer we deny this and push it off the worse it will be & slower the recovery. Similar to any bad college break up. This is why my college relationships lasted 3 months tops. Rip the band aid off.

Even though I am not voting this election, this is why I do not vote with my wallet. Most politicians are retards when it comes to economics. People like Obama think spreading the wealth around is good when all it is is taking the pie and shifting who gets what amount, or that government spending is good for 'creating jobs' even though that is just taking taxpayer (or foreign creditor) money and spending it. This doesn't help. It is confiscating taxpayer money earned that could be directed wherever people or businesses would want it to go for their happiness and putting it into an area that a politician wants it to go. Because politicians know best. Yup, I see. That's just the Mainer in me, anti-government to the core.

Go John Galt. Coming to a nation near you.

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