Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election 2008 Thoughts

Obama ran a great campaign and with the wind of a credit crunch, toxic environment for the GOP, Bush fatigue, nearly a billion dollars in fundraising, and an adoring media at his back, managed to win 53-46 in the popular vote. He is my president. I "hope" he does well.

The Oregon Senator who pushed for tax breaks for Boy Scout arrow manufacturers looks to be re-elected, it's too close to call right now but whatever. I guess those arrows did save his job.

Al Franken narrowly lost, but we have to wait for a recount. Minnesota nearly elected a former cokehead who was in one funny skit his entire time on SNL.

A convicted criminal was re-elected in Alaska for the Senate. How did Ted Stevens win? How? Don Young is likely facing criminal charges as well and he was re-elected. WTF Alaska?

So John Kerry is seeking the Sec of State position? Oh jesus-fucking-christ. Can't this guy just go away for both himself and his party? There are tons of capabale and fresh faced Democrats in Massachusetts waiting for attention.

Turnout was actually down from 2004. Very surprising, as I thought the number of dead voters would make up for any shortfall because the GOP was not enthusiastic.

No troops died in Iraq in October. Over 125K there right now, we handed over another province over for Iraqi control and went unscathed as far as casualties in October. Hey, you all remember we are fighting a war in Iraq right? C'mon, someone not related to a soldier has to remember?

I really wish the GOP would be warmer to socially liberal people. Why do they always force candidates to be so damn conservative with their social views? I think it hurts on nationwide tickets, and I can only hope that the GOP learns that they need to allow moderate voices in purple and light blue states if they think they have a shot at governorships and Senate seats. The Dems learned their lesson in the 90s and now you have guys like Jim Webb in the Senate.

In honor of Mr. George Carlin, I didn't vote.

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