Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Bathrobe

A few winters ago, I received a bathrobe. It is very heavy, grey, and great for winters. I like to wear it on the weekend just lounging around. I cook breakfast on Sundays and generally be a lazy bum. I also like to put my hands up to the shawl collar and say "as mayor of the munchkin city" in that sing-song manor that the mayor of the munchkin city uses in the Wizard of Oz. It makes my wife laugh, and keeps me happy on cold winter weekends. It's one of those gifts that I've used way beyond expectations of the gift giver. First would be my battery powered alarm clock (still in use) that I got when I was 6, second would be my wristwatch from my wife a few birthdays ago, and third would be this bathrobe

A smoking jacket is on the wish list for when I hit 40... OK maybe 35. I'd like one by the time I have kids so I can tell them fatherly things and recall distant family memories while holding a pipe.

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