Monday, October 20, 2008

Mad Men, Thank You So Much

AMC's "Mad Men" is gaining steam on "Lost" as my favorite show on television. "Mad Men" hits the nostalgia vibe, especially the smoking, which I always associate with a touch of glamour and being an adult. It's a corporate world I would love to exist in over the current sanitized, PC, no fun version of Corporate America. It's the interesting post-war era on the verge of many changes, which the advertising world seeks to be on the cutting edge in order to exploit it. The drama is sometimes mundane marital problems & affairs and other times rather complex like the issue of adoption, the changing role of women in the workplace or closeted homosexuality. The show is also extremely well composed. The music fits, the writing is crisp and believable, the detail is outstanding, and the attitude just blows me away. It just feels right. This is all for a cable show!!!!!! No offense to "The Shield", which I have always loved, but the production qualities and overall acting of "Mad Men" are a cut above any FX show.

I also have to take timeout to show respect for Christina Hendricks. My wife and I both applaud how this woman is on TV despite having curves not seen since Jayne Mansfield. She has woman hips. I love her screentime as the all powerful office manager, who also happens to be beautiful. I thought her look might be padded as no Hollywood agent would represent an actress shaped like that, but no, I saw her at the Emmys, which no one remembers except for her boobs. She's for real and Joan Holloway is fa-seriously cool. I'm not alone in my appreciation.

In all seriousness, I appreciate "Lost" and "Mad Men" because they are no just cop, doctor or lawyer shows. Who decided that lawyers, doctors and cops were that interesting and warranted 60 minute shows to enthrall us. I can only take so many "maybe I'm just not cut out to be a cop anymore" monologues. Kudos to shows that go beyond the norm, which includes wonderful premium channel shows like "Dexter", "The Sopranos" and "The Wire". These shows can contain the same human drama in those cop/doctor/lawyer shows, but with a different setting and environment. may your hard work inspire others.

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