Monday, October 27, 2008

Check them

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I don't have a sarcastic remark for this as breast cancer affects so many women that I doubt a person would be reading this that has not had a sister. mother, aunt, gramma, or friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am rather surprised we have a whole month for awarenesss since it seems breast cancer carries that dreaded fear during the run up to a mammogram and then that period before you get the results for every single woman I have known. Even then sometimes the Docs say they saw a spec on the mammogram so they leave you twisting in the wind as they do more tests to make sure it is nothing but a calcium deposit. Those days of waiting are like waiting for an HIV test to come back after you finally mustered the courage to pay for sex in Vegas.

Words for all women, whether flat chested or overburdened & suffering back problems, check them often and with vigilance. Men, support the women you know to check them. Sometimes I wish women checked their breasts as much as some men check their package. I definitely do this (my OCD tic), so I am mocking myself, but man, some guys are always arranging things down there. Imagine if women did that. Not a single woman would fail to catch breast cancer early. It would also make for some really awkward conversations. It's bad enough when your boss is reaching around in his pocket jingling change as he fumbles with his balls, imagine if a female boss kept rubbing inside her bra as she asked you to fill out the TPS reports. Awkward, but it would save lives. We need to save breasts and keep as many women alive, because we have found out through the planet wide obesity problem, that breasts only look good on women. Check them.


"AG" said...

If we ever hang out when you come to Maine I'll tell you why I won't get an annual mammogram until I'm 50. I do self-exams.

"AG" said...

Some of why I won't

Son of Brock Landers said...

That is truly odd about the small tumors and removing them risk. My mom received a false alarm scare the summer I went off to college and was twisting in the wind for a couple months. I did not like the way the Docs handled it, especially the nonchalant attitude when results came back that were comforting. "hey it's not cancer, whoop te doo, let's get back to work".