Monday, September 29, 2008

Wow That's a Big Drop

Fuck the Pope with a fire iron, look at this. Is this Wall St. playing the baby "wahhhhh, i want my bailout, wahhh" or is it really a reflection of economic uncertainty in the credit markets? I'm going to go with a lot on uncertainty and a little on wahhh, I want my bailout. A lot is wrong in the financial markets. A lot of this is beyond the comprehension of everyone involved. All of this is the fault of everyone out there involved in the housing and easy credit system of the last 10 years. Everyone has some of the blame so let's not even bother to point fingers right now. Sadly, we'd be pointing the finger in the mirror if we were honest about this.

I'm shocked that the bill did not pass since the Dems have a majority in the house. They didn't need any GOp support,yet they did get 60+ GOP congressmen to vote with them. They lost 90+ Dems in the vote. How did Pelosi not have control over her minions? I hope this sends the message that they need to get back to the drawing board and draft something up with more taxpayer protection that has some stops in place so that if this goes bad it limits how much of a hit we take.

Everybody has to take a beating.

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