Monday, September 08, 2008

Wipe That Smug Look Off Your Face Mister

Oh gosh, how I have to remind myself of this all of the time now. Why? Because it is wrong to feel satisfied with yourself when others bitch about their predicaments that were self imposed.

Oh, so buying a 1000 square foot home off outer Forest Ave in Portland for $200,000 was a bad idea? You just get that now? Oh so now you stood up to your wife who browbeat you into a big wedding and then buying a home only 12 months after that wedding by saying "no honey we won't buy a plasma tv"? Why did you not listen when I suggested the same house in Saco for $150,000? I bet that $50K less in mortgage liability would come in handy for paying rising gas bills. Wait, why did you put $0 down? Oh, because "they" said it was OK to do that? When does anyone who earns a % based fee involved in a money transaction tell you something is OK that would increase future liability and that advice actually benefits you? Oh so now a mortgage to income ratio of 45% is hurting you? Now it is? Not when you first got the home and the first appraisal raised your house "worth" up to $210K. You mean to tell me it's now worth only $185K. Funny how these same people said it was worth $210K a year ago, and $200K the year before that. Being underwater sucks, maybe that's why people used to put 10-20% down. Oh so now you suggest I not get a house right now because of the downside risk even though you wish you were buying because it is a buyers' market? Yeah, I'll listen to you. Wait a second, you don't want people to get bailed out of their foreclosures by a government program even though a government program allowed you to get the loan and not put a down payment on your home? Yeah, let's listen to you and your brilliant decisions.

Oh, on top of all of that you are a Patriots fan? Oh well, I am soooo sorry your blessed Tawmmy Boy got hurt. It's really a shame.

Go fuck yourself.

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