Monday, September 08, 2008

What if no one notices the end coming.... part 2

I am still shocked that Iraq was become such a background issue that the Dems can't even use it to hammer away at McCain and Palin. That is good news though, because as an army buddy of mine once said "if they report nothing, that's good". Ok, so the first report I read said up to 8K troops would be coming home in January-February of 2009. This report says 3-5K. I wonder if they mean just 3-5K combat troops, since the first report I read said 3-5K combat troops and corresponding support troops which would push the number to 8K. Either way, this combined with the surge troops being sent home this spring-summer is a start. That would be nearly 30K fewer US troops in Iraq in January of 2009 than in January of 2008. This is a start. Both candidates discuss leaving some troops behind on bases, which I support as the Middle East of today is like what Germany, Italy and France were in the Cold War, with the number between 20K and 75K (this was in one of Obama's ever changing views on the subject; he called it a "strike force").

If this is a hint, I don't know what else is. My friend Josh was trained in Arabic with a specialty in the Iraqi dialect, but instead of being shipped to Iraq, he's going to Afganistan. As he said, lots of foreign fighters there speak Arabic. I won't get lame and say "i remember when he was a kid playing tackel football at Christmas", because one day... So he was always the little brother despite being 6 foot 3, 230 lbs. His big bro (one of my best friends) could always toss him around. One hot afternoon, they got horsing around in the pool. Suddenly, whoomp, Josh had slammed Al down and held him under water. It was the day the power shifted. He gave one of the best "best man" speeches I ever heard, and it was a joy to be an usher with him at his brother's wedding. I wish him the best.

As always, thank you troops and veterans of all eras for your sacrifice and efforts.

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