Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sen. Obama Please Stick to the Issues, That's How You Will Win

Ok so this ad mentions one issue item and really pokes fun at McCain being old. No fear there at making fun of old people because they never vote. Wait a second, they do vote, and is massive hordes, and I bet they already have some issues with pulling the lever for a black man. Sorry grandparents, you guys do. This doesn't help.

The major problem with the ad is that it has blowback that hurts the Messiah v. 2.0 and helps McCain. It calls to attention McCain's war injuries at the hands of his Vietnamese torturers. He has stated typing at a keyboard hurts his hands because of war injuries so he dictates all his emails. This will look like a petty joke in poor taste, which he's been doing recently (see lipstick and pig). God forbid someone come back froma war zone and not be able to perform small things like emailing because they sacrificed for our sweet freedom. For such a 'smart guy' you have no common sense.

Look, Sen. Obama. I know you're new to this campaigning outside of corrupt Illinois political machine area, but you should elaborate on your policy ideas instead of being vague, point out what you want to do to help this banking/housing crisis since this administration is going to hand it off to the next Prez, and how you will be tough on bad guys in foreign policy. Stick to the issues and you win. If you have to take "shots" at McCain/Palin, hammer away at how conservative they are. Stick to them being conservative and you win.

Gosh, they truly should have nominated Hillary.

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