Friday, September 19, 2008

Mary Louise Parker Naked.... What?!?!??!?!

Mary Louise Parker, recently awarded soem recognition from yours truly, has stripped naked for her show on TV that has slipped in quality. Really sad when a premium cable show of good quality suddenly starts to go downhill so they start abusing the premium cable loophole of showing nudity. Entourage does not count, as that show never was good and it always showed boobs. Entourage only had Jeremy Piven going for it. When Kevin Dillon is the second best actor, and actually entertaining, you have a problem. That show was set up for a perfect dramatic story arc from start to finish, but they fucked up and marketed it as a comedy. Throwing boobs into each episode does not make you funny nor a comedy. It makes you soft core porn for 10 year olds to stay up to watch because their parents lock them off the computer. Thank you Mary Louise Parker, but just end the series, for everyone.

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