Monday, September 01, 2008

Drifting Towards Engagement on My Terms

I have previously discussed being a libertarian. As I get older and see more corruption, not just locally but globally, I tend to drift towards anarcho-capitalism. Rational Anarchy would be a better descriptor, as I do believe given an explanation of the parameters of one's existence and surroundings that there is no state to protect an individual, the individual would act in a way to continue their existence and interact with the society around them per their best interests for survival. They would not just go around mindlessly killing others, because their actions would alert others who would then stop that individual. It's a pipe dream, but I could envision it on a smaller scale setting like mining towns, frontiers, remote farming villages.

Inspiration for this was seeing a terrible performance of a production that talked about what we have in common & how we keep separating ourselves despite the things we have in common. Yes, we do that now to a greater degree with the Internet. We also connect with people we would never have met in person though with the help of the Internet. There are two sides to the coin. I would rather describe it as we are choosing the terms that we engage the outside world. Some can use the technology at our fingertips to enter echo chambers of our preconceived notions. Others can use technology to discover new things, meet new people, and maybe even changed their ideas about an issue. In an admission of my own development of reaching new conclusions, I am a big supporter oo gay civil unions and even polygamy (not Mormon teenage bride style) if it is between consenting adults and every adult agrees. What adults choose to do on their own terms with other adults of sound mind is their choice. I would have been against both 5 years ago, but after reading, surfing the web, talking to others, and most importantly, asking questions, I have come around on both ideas.

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